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Stub generation

This section assumes you don't have any code-generation task or process. If you already are generating stubs, just make sure your stubs use @grpc/grpc-js and not grpc implementation, and that you have TypeScript definitions as well. If doubtful, compare the build task to the one in this section.

Create a cat.proto file:

syntax = "proto3";

package cats.v1;

service CatRegister {
rpc GetCat (GetCatRequest) returns (Cat) {};

message Cat {
string name = 1;
float health = 2;
int64 level = 3;

message GetCatRequest {
string name = 1;

And create stubs with the following command from installed grpc-tools:

npx grpc_tools_node_protoc \
--js_out=import_style=commonjs,binary:. \
--ts_out=generate_package_definition:. \
--grpc_out=grpc_js:. \
  1. --js_out sets destination for JavaScript files for messages
  2. --ts_out generates the relevant d.ts files without needing to mention grpc_tools_node_protoc_ts explicitly
  3. --grpc_out sets destination for JavaScript files for gRPC services, sets to use @grpc/grpc-js implementation (instead of deprecated grpc)
  4. You can use -I for import path in your proto files in a larger project, see the build:proto task of ProtoCat, where stubs are compiled before tests

The script should generate the following files:

cat_pb.js         # messages from cat.proto
cat_pb.d.ts # (+ types)
cat_grpc_pb.js # services from cat.proto
cat_grpc_pb.d.ts # (+ types)

If you have any issues with the build process, see the grpc-tools docs.